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Setting Up A New Mac

Jesse Atkinson

Recently I've had to set up a new Mac three different times. This resulted in me getting a pretty solid process doing this and doing it quick. Well, as quickly as possible. I figured someone out there might find this useful even if they don't end up following it exactly.

This will take at least a solid 5 hours. There's just no way around that unless your internet connection is insanely fast. A few things worth noting before we start this. I keep all of my .dotfiles, notes, and 1Password library on Dropbox.

  1. Run all updates that are possible from the App Store.
  2. Install Dropbox.
  3. Log in to as many accounts as you can in System Preferences > Mail, Contacts, & Calendars.
  4. Once Dropbox's 1Password folder is synced download and install 1Password from the App Store. Once downloaded—launch and make sure app automatically picks up the keys.
  5. Install 1Password extension for Safari.
  6. In System Preferences > Mail, Contacts & Calendars sign into all of the services you use.
  7. Install all other previously purchased apps from App store you'd like to have on this computer.
  8. Install Xcode
  9. Install Command Line Tools
  10. Open
  11. Install Homebrew
  12. Run brew doctor
  13. Run brew update
  14. Run brew tap phinze/homebrew-cask
  15. Run brew install autoconf brew-cask bash-completion cmake doxygen fish freetds freetype gdbm git imagemagick jpeg libevent libpng libtool libyaml memcached mysql phantomjs pkg-config rbenv readline ruby-build ssh-copy-id taglib tmux wget tree;
  16. Make sure to follow the post-installation instructions for Fish to set it as your default shell. Also, read through any other post-installation instructions for the other forumlas.
  17. Install apps. (Note: Using brew cask is faster, but not ideal and requires you storing all of your apps installed via brew cask not in your Applications folder, but instead installs aliases to the apps in the Applications folder.) If you wish to use brew cask simply run brew cask install alfred bettertouchtool firefox geektool google-chrome google-earth instacast iterm2 keyremap4macbook nv-alt opera skype rdio spotify silverlight steam sublime-text transmit things textmate textexpander transmission vlc virtualbox; (Make sure to hang around for various prompts to input password.) If you do not use brew cask manually install all of those from their respective websites.
  18. Create symlink for, .bash_profile, .vim/ folder, .vimrc, .gitconfig, .irbrc and Sublime Text folder.
  19. Check to ensure that that set -g -x PATH /usr/local/bin $PATH is in your ~/.config/fish/ and export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH is in your .bash_profile. Run which git to see the git path. If the path is /usr/bin/git then you are not using Homebrew's git. If it's /usr/local/bin/git then you are. You want the latter.
  20. Install Sublime Text commandline tool.
  21. Set nvAlt to read from ~/Dropbox/notes/.
  22. Activate all licenses stored in 1Password.
  23. Install Inconsolata font
  24. Change Sublime Text's ugly icon to this icon
  25. Set up iTerm 2 preferences
  26. Set up keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences
  27. Set your hostname to something decent with sudo scutil –-set HostName NEW_HOSTNAME. Reference
  28. Unhide your ~/Library/ by running chflags nohidden ~/Library/
  29. Install rbenv.
  30. Install Ruby On Rails gem install rails
  31. Replace your Caps Lock key with a Hyper Key following Brett Terpstra's instructions.
  32. Set up Slogger (Make sure you have Day One installed).
  33. Install Brett Terpstra's Markdown Service Tools
  34. Setup Time Machine backup and perform first backup.
  35. Set Dock icons and other basic OS X preferences.
  36. Set email signatures.
  37. In System Preferences > Users & Groups set your Login Items and account picture if you so desire.
  38. Drink a celebration drink.